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Bespoke care for your family


Welcome to my web site.  I am a midwife and a lactation consultant.  The service I offer is an in home consultation service.  I specialise in breastfeeding support and sleep improvement strategies.  We talk about your parenting style and plan a strategy together to feed and care for your baby that will help you to become confident parents with a happy settled baby.


  • In home consultations - call me to book

  • Phone consultations - call me to book or click here

  • Pregnancy classes

  • Postnatal midwifery support including general Mummy and Baby care

  • Lactation consultation including overcoming all types of breastfeeding problems

  • Assessing for tongue tie

  • Twins and premature baby support

  • Establishing a good milk supply

  • Establishing good milk transfer to the baby to help good weight gain

  • Helping the baby to settle between feeds

  • Developing a mummy and baby friendly feeding plan

  • Day and night sleep improvement strategies

  • Pumping and storing breast milk

  • Introducing a bottle

  • Weaning onto solids

  • Moral support and confidence building

Available Services

Areas I cover


  • Central London
  • M4 corridor from London to Newbury
Contact Beth

Midwife and Lactation Consultant

Tel: 07966 551586
To book a phone consultation: call me or click here
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