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  • In home Lactation Consultations

  • Phone consultations

  • Pregnancy classes

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Twins

  • Premature babies

  • Developing a manageable feeding plan

  • Sleep strategies

  • Weaning advice



I have had 4 Covid 19 vaccinations and wears PPE to all consultations. 

In home or Zoom lactation consultations


Many mothers prefer to have breastfeeding help in their own home where they feel more comfortable.  It can be a little tricky mastering the technique at the beginning as it is a learnt skill for the mother and the baby.  Developing these skills calmly helps build your confidence, meaning you can then go on to feed in locations outside the security of your home. 


These consultations can also be done successfully via Zoom. Call me to book.

Phone consultations


30-60 minute phone consultations are available as an alternative to a face to face consultation and may a suitable alternative particularly for older babies. They are also available if you require more follow up support than email support following a home visit. To book a phone consultation call me or click: here


Pregnancy classes - highly recommended for successful feeding

My stand alone breastfeeding class covers good breastfeeding techniques, strategies to establish a mummy and baby friendly feeding plan as well as a good milk supply. Ideally this is done at about 34-36 weeks of pregnancy as a top up to any other organised breastfeeding class you have attended.


I also offer 1 to 1 or group pregnancy classes covering:

  • normal labour and what to expect including pain relief and medical help (induction, caesarean)

  • how to look after your baby

  • the above feeding class



Breastfeeding support


I offer breastfeeding support after the baby arrives for all the challenges breastfeeding presents including:


For the mother

Sore nipples, under supply, over supply, engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis, thrush.


For the baby

Positioning and latch, tongue tie assessment (and referral to appropriate practitioner for the release), twins, premature baby, unsettled fussy baby, poor weight gain, reflux, colic, sleep pattern improvements, weaning.


The breastfeeding consultation

I visit you for a 90 minute consultation and offer a week of (Monday to Friday) follow up email support to reinforce topics covered at the consultation.  I observe a breastfeed and give you tips to improve the breastfeeding including:

  • Stopping or decreasing breast / nipple pain

  • Assessing the baby for tongue tie

  • Increasing milk transfer to the baby to help good weight gain

  • Maintaining a good milk supply

  • Helping the baby to settle between feeds

  • Increasing night time sleep for all



Developing a manageable feeding plan


I also offer a support service to help you balance your needs, and the baby's needs.  This service helps with day to day care of the baby like bathing and soothing, but also includes helping you to build your self esteem and confidence, and to bond with your baby.



Sleep Strategies


Babies often get their nights and days muddled up at the beginning.   I offer advice for day care and night care to help gently adjust the baby’s routine so you get maximum sleep at night.  If your older baby is not sleeping well at night, or in the day, we can talk through the problems and plan a gentle strategy to help improve the sleep with a tailor made plan that suits your parenting style.  I do not advocate the "cry it out" method.



Weaning advice - stopping breastfeeding or introducing solids


I can help with introducing bottle feeds (expressed breast milk or formula) and maintaining milk supply when returning to work, following on to introducing solids (puree food or baby led weaning).  When you are ready, I also offer advice on reducing and stopping breastfeeding so this goes smoothly for you and the baby.  I also help with babies who refuse the bottle.


Weekend support

Weekend phone consultations are available for urgent support.

These are the services I offer:

Contact Beth

Midwife and Lactation Consultant

Tel: 07966 551586
To book a phone consultation: call me or click here
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