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Who I am...

Beth Graham

Registered Midwife (RM)

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Information and Philosophy:


I have been delivering babies and helping families since 1990.  I have worked as a midwife in hospital settings and attended home births. I have worked for the NHS, a private hospital and in private practice.  I believe passionately that women have the right to the birth experience of their choice, be it a home birth or a hospital birth, a water birth or an elective caesarean so long as it is informed choice.  As a lactation consultant and a midwife, I have the responsibility to help the woman and her family have the information they need at a level that is right for them to help them to make choices and provide the best care possible for their baby.


My private lactation consultant practice provides confidential independent support for women in their homes for antenatal classes, postnatal midwifery care and breastfeeding support.  I also consult on sleep improvement strategies and weaning.  From my experience of assisting high profile families, I endeavour to ensure that they have as “normal” an experience as possible without having to worry about what the carer may think.  It is important to me that the family feel comfortable enough to trust me to ask any questions no matter how small or personal, while gaining confidence in their ability to care for their baby.


The duration of breastfeeding is a personal decision and I work with the mother to overcome the initial problems that may be encountered to facilitate an enjoyable experience.  I then help the family plan a realistic feeding schedule whether breast feeding, bottle feeding or mixed feeding.

I believe each mother is different and each family needs individually tailored care.  In my experience many mothers prefer to have breastfeeding help in their own home where they feel more comfortable as it can be a scary, emotional and also exciting time.  It is a privilege to be able to observe the beautiful bond develop between new parents and their baby.

Becoming a parent is one of the most joyful things that will ever happen to you, but also one of the most emotionally challenging.  Maybe you have wanted this baby for so long but your journey into parenthood is being a little challenging than you expected!

I’ll help you find a feeding strategy and approach to parenting that is realistic and right for you and your baby, leaving you feeling empowered by the choices you make and able to enjoy this precious time.  I believe that happy babies have happy parents.

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Midwife and Lactation Consultant

Tel: 07966 551586
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