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I offer bespoke care to meet your needs 

Every Client should be treated like an individual

Antenatal support


In home or Zoom 90 minute antenatal breastfeeding and parenting class

​Breastfeeding Class (includes text support when in hospital)

  • How and when to feed the baby in the first few days and weeks

  • Good breastfeeding techniques

  • Establishing a good milk supply

  • Establishing a mummy and baby friendly schedule

  • How to help sooth an unsettled baby

Birth preparation class

  • normal labour and what to expect

  • pain relief  

  • medical help (induction, caesarean)

  • What to put on your birth plan

  • When to go the hospital



Postnatal support

In home 90 or 120 minute breastfeeding consultation
call to book

  • Check the baby for tongue tie

  • Observe a breastfeed

  • Tips to improve the breastfeeding including:

    • Stopping or decreasing breast / nipple pain

    • Increasing milk transfer to the baby to help good weight gain

    • Helping the baby to settle between feeds

    • Increasing night time sleep for all

  • Includes a week of follow up email support:

    • Communication as needed

    • Reinforce topics covered at the home visit

Phone Consultations

30 - 60 minute phone consultations available as an alternative to a face to face consultation
call to book or click here

Other topics I provide phone support for include

  • Introducing a bottle

  • Stopping breastfeeding

  • Weaning onto solids

  • Gentle sleep improvement strategies

  • Nursing Strike management

  • Moral support and confidence building

Contact Beth

Midwife and Lactation Consultant

Tel: 07966 551586
To book a phone consultation: call me or click here
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